Don’t let doubt rule your life. Many people are so paralyzed by the fears of tomorrow that they forget to focus on the wonders of today. But with the help of Undoubtedly Awesome, you can conquer your fears and better understand your goals, dreams, and unique decision-making processes—and thereby achieve the personal success your uncertainty and indecision have held you back from.

Author Anne Tucker, an international speaker on the decision-making and leadership techniques she’s developed, now shares her unique perspective and theories with you!

Discover your soul type!

Find out which of the seven decision-making soul types describes how you think and solve problems.

With this new self-help guide, you can:

  • learn how doubt negatively affects your life and keeps you in a constant loop of anxiety
  • gain insight into the mental processes involved in decision making
  • compare an example of a decision-making model to your own personal style
  • walk through the stages of decision making
  • pinpoint the moments where doubt creeps into your life
  • discover which of the seven decision-making “soul types” describes how you think and solve problems, and understand your personal approach to problem solving.

Your soul type is the foundation for building your self-confidence and erasing doubt. By better understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, you can make decisions you feel great about—and live a more fulfilled, satisfied life.