Coaching Soul

Does this sound like you?
Does your work involve directly serving the health, wellbeing, needs, or development of others? Is your life centered on your family and friends? Are you good at organizing and developing processes to manage work that you are responsible for? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, then you’ve probably found the right soul type.

Some of your creative gifts:
As a Coaching soul, you are most interested in individual connections with people. You are able to bring out the best in others by enabling their growth and development and inspiring their best contributions. You are able to see past the self-limitations that hold people back and focus in on what is best about them. For you, those qualities that you admire in someone become who they are to you. Because you see them that way, you hold the space for them to become their best selves. You are probably expressive, open-minded, tolerant, and have the easy sociability that allows you to relate to others easily. 

A quick learner and excellent multitasker, you are able to take on multiple responsibilities with competence and good cheer. You are hardworking, reliable and eager to help, and can be good at anything that captures your interest. You can be organized and put a lot of energy into identifying the best system for getting things done.

What you need to be most successful: Your work will feel more fulfilling if you have friendships with others at work. Look for roles that that give you the opportunity to have meaningful interactions with others. You have a knack for organization and processes and you take care to deliberately think through the best way to do things, so you will be happiest if you feel you have control over your area of responsibility and can run things in the way that you think is most effective. The best environment for you would be organizations that prioritize the happiness and wellbeing of their employees.