Optimizing Soul

Does this sound like you?
Are you highly visual? Are you unconventional, and do you gravitate to things that are unusual or unique? Have you or would you like to remodel a house? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, then you’ve probably found the right soul type.

Some of your creative gifts:
If you are an Optimizing Soul, your decision process is designed to refine, improve, renovate, renew, and rethink everything - what you have, what you do, and how you do it. You are an amazing problem solver. You love to think outside the box and are drawn to ideas that are new, unique and original.  You can combine seemingly unrelated things or see relationships between things in new ways that allows you to be truly innovative. You probably learn best from hands-on experience rather than from books or lectures. You are highly visual, and can have artistic talents.

What you need to be most successful:

Your work will feel more fulfilling if you have the freedom you need for innovative problem solving. Look for roles where you can rethink and improve existing processes or things. You are highly creativity and you may rely on unconventional methods, combinations, or approaches regardless of existing rules or protocols. You will need freedom and independence in your work environment to take best advantage of this ability to think outside the box, so you are less likely to be happy in environments that are highly regulated, repetitive, bound by tradition or strictly defined. You will most likely chose freedom and independence over safety and may resist being micro-managed.